Welcome to Pharmaceuticals

KriGen Pharmaceuticals established with strong conviction of delivering quality and consistent pharmaceutical products with innovative technique considering cost effectiveness and patient safety.
KriGen is a research oriented pharmaceutical company with core competence in development of various novel dosage forms. We engage in the Research and Development of high-quality pharmaceutical products with the consistency.
All our board of directors are top notch professionals having reach experience of more than 20 years in research and development engaged in formulation development of NDDS, Parenteral, Ophthalmic and Oral dosage forms. KriGen team is fully committed to quality and compliance to ensure our products meeting the highest quality standards.
This synergy allows us to provide the highest quality products to our clients in a timely manner that is extremely cost competitive. KriGen Group seeks to explore and develop more strategic areas to diligently pursue new opportunities and influence.

All products are developed to the appropriate consistent Quality, Reliability and Safety for the purpose for which it is intended.

Customer focus is a strong contributor to the overall success of our business and involves ensuring that all aspects of the company put its customer's satisfaction first.

Carve a niche on the global map through traditional wisdom and values and repose the faith of our customers and staff.